Life Coaching: Create the future you'll love

Today we are living in a fast evolving world and society where change has become inevitable, so we become filled with a desire for a sense of belonging and making a difference. We can see that the intrinsically driven need for connection is more present than ever. To feel connected is a state which can be applied on so many areas in our lives. The first step is to become aware. But for some, this awareness comes with a feeling of being more disconnected than ever from their own lives and everything evolving around them. The more aware we become, the more a feeling of being detached and lack of control will often surface. 


A sense of purpose and meaning in life is something we all long for, whether in our social environment, within ourselves, or in our professional life. To me, one of these levels can’t be seen without the other. They are all interconnected and dependent on one variable – YOU


We all have hopes, goals and dreams. Yet the fast pace of our society distracts, allowing us to drift away from the things that are truly important in our lives. We lose sight of our inner self and our true values, the ones that were so important in our adolescence.

As things spin out of control for us, we strive to protect ourselves as best as we know how. In an effort to prevent disappointment, our minds take control. We start “to do” or “have to” lists daily, we become painfully aware and fearful of failure and or judgement. It happens slowly at first, beginning as vague ideas.


What if we gave ourselves the gift of stepping away from it all for a moment and cut ourselves lose from all those limiting beliefs? When we stop being a spectator and responder we can find what is living in our hearts, and start feeling what is truly important again! It is already in your DNA, it still exists and has existed within you all along. Discover your unique talents encrypted in your blueprint, the goals you’ve always dreamed about but have forgotten and bathe in the loving warmth it brings. What would you be willing to work on in your life to feel complete, free and happy?


Why have we drifted away from our true purpose, the dreams of our childhood? Is it a lack of confidence, all those so-called obligations that threaten you daily, limiting believes that have arisen from trauma, or programming from our families, friends, society, preset-labels…? For most of us, these beliefs have taken over our lives, rule our minds and cause us great pain. 


What if I told you gaining an understanding of these limiting beliefs and where they come from would be the best gift to yourself you could EVER have? To learn from them, understand how they have made you stronger (they can make you stronger), and how altering your perspective can turn those perceived negatives into assets. YES! Into something you can be proud of, love and honor.


In the last few years, social media, has been overflowing with the most wonderful quotes on positivity. Some of them evoking true “aha-moments” and creating thoughts and feelings of “I know”! Yet, far too often we fail to do something constructive with that inspiration and a feeling of being stuck remains. Either we don’t know how to implement changes in our lives, to overcome past trauma or programming, or have someone that can guide us through the process. Most remain stuck in the past, wallowing in unnecessary pain or guilt. NOW is the time to leave the past behind, to change the present by dissecting your limiting beliefs, understanding them, removing those that no longer serve you and learning to love yourself again. To find your way back to your true path. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Isn’t it time to find your joy, your spark again?


Create the future you’ll love!