Cathy & Pauline

Cathy & Pauline


We are Cathy Kwanten and Pauline Siebers. On this page we share what we are working on together:
our mutual dream, purpose, and plan

– working title “Conscious Connection”



We believe that living through conscious connection creates a balanced life, and eventually leads to a balanced society. A conscious connection, to us, means being aware of our thoughts, of the actions that stem from those thoughts, and of the lives that we create through those thoughts and actions together.
Our mission is to help you find a way in being happy and/or conscious that works for YOU.



Through the centre we are building, classes are given on how to add more consciousness to daily situations, so that happiness becomes part of your everyday life
– rather than exceptional to it.



For now, it’s just the two of us. You can follow our progress through our (Facebook live) videos, as well as our pen pal blog on (SisterMeetSister). We will announce upcoming workshops and webinars through those channels too, and list them on this page.



Meet Cathy Kwanten:
TEDx speaker, life coach, writer – specialized in diversity challenges, Human Resources, people-project management


Meet Pauline Siebers:
TEDx speaker, life coach, writer – specialized in personal growth challenges, social media, communication management


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