"Moments of love"

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@ teazone.nl

“Moments of love”

 In the stillness of the moment, hot tea on the table, a sigh of release… Her mind wandered off.

As reality slowly dissolved, she found herself in an ethereal reality, gazing into his bright, loving eyes.


Exhilarating aura’s, melodiously fusing,... a harmoniously feeling of peace came over her. “Never before did I experience this”, she thought.

Just one moment in an everlasting ocean of time, so much was said, yet no word was spoken. Graciously his hand caressed her cheek, while she closed her eyes, stroking a rebellious lock of hair behind her ear.

Complete surrender, overwhelmed by emotions of exhilaration, a solitary tear escaped her eye. Gently rolling down her cheek, leaving it's salty kiss on her lips.

A gentle breeze, whistling trough the leaves of the old willow they were laying against. The sun’s golden glow, the soft murmur of the creek, … A magical scenery.

Carelessly, he placed his hands on her waist, pulling her closer, into his arms.
“Home” she thought, bringing a feathery smile on her face, “this is what it feels like”.

Abruptly, the sound of her teaspoon falling, pulling her out of her enchanting daydream.“One day”, she whispered, leaving her heart filled with hope…

“One day, soon you’ll be here”.

Cathy Kwanten